Venice Beach Location Scouting

One of the cooler sides of being a photographer is location scouting! It’s important to check out the scenery before a photo shoot, so that when the actual photo session day comes, I am well prepared. And it’s way more fun when my husband comes along!

Shortly after moving from Texas to Los Angeles last year, I realized just how awesome it is to live here and bring my photography business to LA. As much as I love my clients and photo sessions in the Dallas area, it’s fun to check out the beaches and hills all around. Plus I don’t have to worry about rain or freezing weather (just occasional fires 😲).

Venice Beach has become one of my favorite places to photograph. My first photo session was just after I arrived:  I photographed a gorgeous dancer and her brilliant suitcase invention, with the background of Venice Graffiti, followed by a Sunset Dancer Photo session on the beach afterwards. It was one of my most memorable shoots.

So back to location scouting… What did I learn? Venice is craaazy! So much to see & so much to do. There’s the beach, sand volleyball courts, the boardwalk with musicians and street artists, really neat shops and places to eat. There’s even a man who walks around dressed like a tree. I kid you not. And if you love nachos as much as we do, be sure to check out Fig Tree Cafe on the boardwalk. We stopped by there after the sun went down. It has a really pleasant, laid back vibe, plus beer and wine. Did I say we had the nachos? Try the nachos!!

Here are some photos from our trip to Venice Beach in January:


Yana's Photos - Venice Beach Photography4.jpg

Yana's Photos - Venice Beach Photography5.jpg
My gorgeous husband enjoying the Venice Beach scenery. And a bird who flew in the shot just in time.
Yana's Photos - Venice Beach Photography2 - tree man.jpg
Treeman walking around in Venice

Yana's Photos - Venice Beach Photography9.jpg

Yana's Photos - Venice Beach Photography10.jpg

Love it. Can’t wait to photograph here again! *

If you’d like your own photo session in Los Angeles, feel free to contact the photographer for a free consultation. Mention the “Venice Beach Location Scouting blog” for $50 off your session fee.

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