The Dance Angel + Yana’s Photos take on Venice Street Art

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of collaborating with The Dance Angel at Dancerpalooza 2017, a huge dance festival bringing together the industry’s top professionals – dancers & teachers and young dancers. So many talented dancers stopped by to get their photo at The Dance Angel booth, where we displayed the rare indoor exhibit of famous Angel Wings Artist, Colette Miller.

To get a kick start on preparing for Dancerpalooza, and get some beautiful images of the beauty and efficiency of her dance bag invention, we grabbed some Dance Angels, a few dance outfits, my camera gear, and the inventor herself – Holly Seeley, plus her adorable little girl Hazel. Oh, and if you haven’t heard of the Dance Angel, it’s a brilliant invention of the dancer/inventor/mother Holly Seeley. It’s the only dance bag with a built-in, pop-up costume rack. Perfect for dancers on the go to competitions and performances. She has a travel version of the bag too, for us regular folks who aren’t dancers.

We found a cool spot in Venice, at Rose Court and Pacific Ave, that had the most colorful and creative street art. Enjoy the photos below!


Rose Court and Pacific Ave,

Rose Court and Pacific Ave,

Rose Court and Pacific Ave,

Rose Court and Pacific Ave,

Because who crosses Pacific ave. without doing a Grand Battement (Pronounced grahnd botmah) while holding daughter and carrying an Electric Periwinkle Dance Angel dance bag? . . . . .

Rose Court and Pacific Ave,

The photo shoot didn’t end here! After we got the Dance Angel photos, we found another cool spot in Venice, to take beautiful dance photos. You can see the results here: Venice Beach Dance Photography

Photographer: Yana’s Photos / Dancer: Holly Seeley, inventor of The Dance Angel / Location: Rose Court & Pacific Ave., Venice, CA


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