March 2022 BC2M LA Summit

A few weeks ago, I attended and photographed the extremely honorable Bring Change to Mind (BC2M) LA Summit at the Paramount Studios.

BC2M is a non-profit organization working hard to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. They have a high school program that encourages adolescents to participate in their community, talk it out, and realize that there is #NoNormal.  That’s cool.

Special guests at the LA Summit were mental health advocate & BC2M board member Zak Williams, actor, musician, and High School Musical star Joshua Bassett, and crypto artist Jesus Martinez.  Zak was the emcee and was great on stage. He had such a positive, genuine vibe. Josh Bassett – if you haven’t checked out his music on Spotify, do it now! it’s stellar. Jesus Martinez is a talented NFT guy. He teamed up with Zak Williams to design an NFT project that is dedicated to honor Zak’s father – the late comedian Robin Williams, with the proceeds going to low income mental health support. That’s cool.

All 3 of them were so welcoming and supportive and had heartwarming stories to tell, centered around mental health and their experience with it. They were truthful, sweet, and full of depth. I’m honored to have been there to photograph it. Here is a glimpse:

4175- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg

4747- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount4318- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount-14704- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg
4709- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount
4743- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg

4851- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg

4972- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg

4936- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount-1.jpg

4987- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg

4996- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount-2
5016- BC2M-March2022-LA-Summit-Yanas-Photos-Paramount.jpg

Photographer: Yana Tinker – Yana’s Photos / Organization: Bring Change to Mind / Location: Paramount Studios

Instagram: Photographer @yanasphotos / Organization: @bringchangetomind / Speakers: Zak Williams: @zakpym / Joshua Bassett @joshuatbassett / Jesus Martinez @jemt888

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