#Twinning – born during the pandemic – twin boys leon & elliott – 9 months

I need to take the 9 month blanket photo for the boys. Trying to get this bedroom cleaned up is a real struggle, but I know the end outcome will make the stay more enjoyable. So I better get to it! Just a few quick jots:

Leon is sitting up more and enjoying it. Babbling alot. Doesn’t enjoy moving around like Elliott does, Leon is perfectly content with staying where he is and mastering whatever object is in front of him or in his hands. Elliott moves around ALOT. He’s always curious, his head turns every second – ..what’s that? what’s over there? I’ma geaat it.” My little crawler. They’re very smiley. They smile at me. They laugh. I love them both so much. They’re my world.

“MOOOOOMMMM”… (they can’t talk yet but that’s what they’re thinking)
Boys hanging out in the back of the Mazda at Vasquez Rocks

Photographer: Yana’s Photos