LA kid headshot

Los Angeles Kids Headshot Photographer / Nile

UPDATE: Nile got booked with for a print ad with Nike after getting picked up by a talent agency with headshots from Yana’s Photos!

How cute is this kid?!!!

When Nile’s mom Kat asked me about doing Nile’s child headshots, I was so excited! One of my specialties is Family Photography, and I also started off working at JCPenney Portraits years ago, so working with kids is a true passion. I knew I’d be the right fit for the job.

Before the outdoor photo shoot, we discussed the headshot looks that Nile’s agency was looking for – they needed a traditional headshot, a full body shot, a profile shot, and a 3/4 shot. Nile had three different outfits, and we got all the looks in a single session!

Here are the ones we used for talent agencies:

Nile Joseph,

Nile Joseph,

Nile Joseph,

Nile Joseph,

Nile Joseph,

Reach out to Yana’s Photos for your own Los Angeles kid’s headshots! Mention “NILE” for $50 off your full headshot session.

Or Email the photographer directly:


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