Ava’s 1st Year – Dallas / Los Angeles Family Photographer

15-Ava-Newborn Photos-7 months - cake smash-18-Edit-1.jpg

What an honor it’s been to be the Fleysher Family Photographer during the first year with their beautiful baby daughter, Ava. We’ve captured so many great moments and here’s to many more to come! Here’s the story of Ava’s 1st wonderful year.

Born on September 16, 2015, you were a new delight in the world.
10-Ava Elizabeth - Day 1-2.jpg

We did your Newborn Photography Session when  you were 9 days old; you were the sweetest little aviator!

Yana's Photos Newborn Photography - Aviator - Suitcase - Plane - props.jpg

15-Ava Elizabeth-Newborn Photos-52.jpg

15-Ava Elizabeth-Newborn Photos-129.jpg

The Naming Ceremony was so special.

Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-165.jpg
Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-35.jpg
Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-45.jpg
Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-50.jpg
Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-58.jpg
Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-144.jpg

Team Fleysher! Your big sister and big brother love you!
Funny tshirts-Ava-Naming Ceremony-2015-189.jpg

7 Months! How quickly you grow!7 months photo session.jpg

7 months photo session-3945.jpg

7 months photo session-3993.jpg

Your family photos were so much fun; you were just starting to figure out how to walk.

You also enjoyed being on top of the world!
family photo session

Just Kidding 🙂
funny family photo session

family photo session

Bonding time with mommy!
Yana's Photos Lifestyle photography-baby sitting on toilet-Edit.jpg

Happy 1st Birthday little princess!
1 year photo session - cake smash.jpg

1 year photo session - cake smash-7747.jpg

1 year photo session - cake smash-7764.jpg

1 year photo session - girl with flower.jpg

1 year photo session - girl with flower-7842.jpg


1 year birthday party - gourmet room.jpg

A year’s worth of watching you grow, from a tiny little human to the adorable little girl you are now. May you always enjoy the pleasures of life! – Yana

Photographer: Yana’s Photos

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