KATIE + SPENCER / Engagement Photos / WaterTower Theatre, Addison TX

Katie and Spencer’s Engagement Session took place at a beautiful theater in Addison, TX, on August 15, 2016. Katie is artistic herself, with a photography and piano background, so I knew I had to make this session really stand out. She was looking for an architecturally pleasing indoor venue, and this little theater ended up being perfect. Spencer even did his Jagger dance, which he is well-deserved famous for.
Katie & Spencer met in 2007, when Spencer was working at Starbucks and Katie at a portrait studio.
“I stopped to get coffee from him every day before work.  We became wonderful friends over the next few years, and finally started dating in Dec 2010.  A little over 5 years later, after sharing a multitude of adventures, he proposed to me on a Wednesday evening at home in March of this year. We are so happy to finally make it official!”

Here’s a glimpse of our photo session:

7-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5672.jpg

8-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5682.jpg

6-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5662.jpg

10-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5715.jpg

9-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5684.jpg

11-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5722.jpg

14-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5746.jpg

Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5760.jpg

12-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5731.jpg

3-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5484.jpg

1-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5422.jpg

2-Katie & Spencer Engagement Session-5450-1.jpg

So happy for you two! -Yana

Photographer: Yana’s Photos Location: WaterTower Theater


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