Miss Teen DFW International / Trinity Nielsen / Denton, TX


A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Trinity Nielsen at the Downtown Denton Square. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she’s a go-getter who competes (& wins) in the pageant world, as well as her professional & educational pursuits.

She’s a junior at Denton High School, and is involved in many clubs: Soccer, Student Council, National Honor Society, and is the President of her school’s business club – Business Professionals of America. In 2015, she won Miss North Texas Fair and Rodeo and competed in Miss Teen Texas USA in 2016. This February, she will be competing in Miss Teen Texas International as Miss Teen DFW International. If she wins this pageant, it will help promote her platform “A Smile is Worth A Thousand Words,” a fundraiser / organization raising money and dental hygiene supplies for people who can’t afford or don’t have access to these essentials. This cause means a lot to Trinity, as there are so many people in this world who are suffering from a lack of dental hygiene. She believes that “every smile should be shown at its best to give every human the confidence to believe in themselves.”
And I couldn’t agree more.

Trinity needed a couple headshots for her upcoming competition. Since we were already out on the Denton Square and set up for the photo session, we captured a few (senior photo session type) full body shots as well.


8-yanas-photos-senior-portrait-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-4669_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-12-yanas-photos-senior-portrait-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-4542_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer   5-yanas-photos-senior-portrait-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-4574_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-19-yanas-photos-senior-portrait-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-4671_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-1 12-4581-yanas-photos-senior-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-110-yanas-photos-senior-portrait-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-4720_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-1  14-4700-yanas-photos-senior-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-1 15-4746-yanas-photos-senior-photographer-denton-dallas-los-angeles-miss-teen-dfw-_dallas-and-los-angeles-family-photographer-1

11. Yana's Photos Senior Portrait Photographer - Denton - Dallas - Los Angeles - Miss Teen DFW-4734_Dallas and Los Angeles family photographer-1.jpg

Photographer: Yana’s Photos / Location: Denton Square in Denton, TX / Pageant: Miss Teen Texas International


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